Myron L Meters Thanks Noble Water Technologies

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At Noble Water Technologies (NWT) we understand how critical it is to our customers to have a continuous and reliable supply of purified water for their process. With this in mind, NWT has been servicing the commercial/industrial water purification industry in Texas for over ten years. Throughout this time period NWT has assembled over 150 years of technical experience through the acquisition of local seasoned professionals.

Our operating philosophy is to work closely with our clients and determine a proper system configuration based upon sound engineering design to facilitate current and future growth needs. It is this philosophy and acute focus on customer support which sets our service offerings apart from the other options available in the marketplace.

We understand that keeping your water systems running at peak performance requires the highest quality spare parts, expendable items, and accessories. Noble Water Technologies, Inc. offers a wide variety of system components and accessories for all styles of RO/DI & PEDI systems. Additionally, NWT has the expertise and desire to properly maintain your purification system through the implementation of comprehensive service agreements. We base our business model around product and service offerings which will keep you up and running.

Portable Exchange Deionization

The two basic configurations of Deionization Systems are separate-bed and mixed-bed.

Separate-bed deionization systems have separate tanks of cation and anion resins. In Mixed-Bed deionization systems, the anion and cation resins are blended at a 60/40 percentage split into a single vessel. Generally, mixed-bed systems will produce higher quality water with a lower total capacity than two-bed systems.

Deionization can produce ultra high-purity water in terms of dissolved ions or minerals, up to the maximum resistance of 18.2 MΩs/cm. However, they do not generally remove organics and can become a breeding ground for bacteria, actually diminishing water quality where organic and microbial contaminations are critical.

Failure to regenerate the deionization resins at the proper time may result in harmful salts remaining in the water or even worse, being increased in concentration. Partially exhausted deionization resin beds can increase levels of contaminants due to the resin’s selectivity for specific ions, and may add particulates and resin fines to the deionized water.

We can help with your Deionization projects. When you call for assistance with your Deionization project, a State of Texas Certified Water Treatment Specialist will make a site visit we will ask what are the Dissolved minerals in your incoming water. If you do not know we have a simple form you can submit to your local test laboratory to get you the right information to begin work on your Deionization system.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Noble Water Technologies.

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