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What I am trying to find out is the difference between PPM and micromhos. I understand that the relationship between micromhos and PPM is just that micromhos = ppm x 1.5 A lot of the reading I have done online I have noticed that most printers read their conductivity in micromhos instead of PPM. Why is that? Is a micromho reading more accurate than PPM? Should we stop using the MyronL meter and use something else?

I care about the quality of our product and want to understand conductivity better. If someone could point me in the right direction toward learning more about fountain solutions and conductivity I would be most appreciative

Any advice or information will be appreciated.



Hi Mitch,

I have posted a link below with some info about Conductivity to TDS conversions. The TDS to Conductivity correlation is non-linear and no single multiplier can determine the relationship. Conductivity (micromhos) gives the conductance value of the water. TDS (ppm) gives you the number of total dissolved solids in the water based on salt type.

Link to Conversion Article:

We have Myron L meters available that measure in micromhos. You can select the one that measures your range. Take a look here:

We have seen that most of our other printing customers use conductivity (micromhos) to measure their fountain solutions. It is not that micromhos is more accurate, but just a different type of indicator (more universally recognized).

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions. Email me at

Best Regards,
Jim Rutan

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